Rules of the 4th animation contest «Zime dorogu!» (Winter road)
Contest rules
1. Organizer of the contest is the Russian cycling advocacy project «Let's bike it!» (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer)

2. The contest is held from October 30th, 2017 to January 22nd, 2018.

3. Any animation technique is accepted; no restrictions on time, age or countries of residence are established, as well as on a number of team members or a professional level of authors.

4. Participation in the contest is free of charge.

5. To take part in the contest you have to:

  • come up with an original idea showing winter cycling;
  • create an animation film using animation technique;
  • upload your animated film on your Youtube or Vimeo channel;
  • fill in the registration form between October 30th, 2017 and January 22nd, 2018.

6. Animated film has to have its own unique name different from the name of the contest ("Zime dorogu!") and the Organizer (Let's bike it!)

7. Animated films that have already been presented at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd contests will not be considered by the Jury.

8. To take part in the contest a participant has to be acquainted with the Rules of the contest and to agree with them. A participant agrees with personal data processing.

9. Any changes of the terms of the contest or the contest itself will be published on the «Let's bike it!» social networks:;; and on the contest website

10. Winners will be awarded with:

1st place — € 1000
2nd place — € 600
3rd place — € 200

The winner of the 1st place will be granted the official author-status at the animation festival Insomnia-2018.

Winners of the the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded with unique animation pins for hand drawn animation, designed by "Tsekh animatsii" animation studio.

RealTime School special nomination

Winners in the special nomination of the School of computer graphic RealTime School will receive two certificates for any two-day course (language of the course is Russian) and one certificate for any five-day course. School of computer graphic RealTime School is the leading and one of the first educational centers in Russia which are specialized in 3-d moleling, animation, special effects for cinema and TV, architecture visualization, web-design etc.

Special nomination of "Tsekh animatsii" animation studio

Winners in the Special nomination of "Tsekh animatsii" animation studio will be awarded with a certificate for one free workshop; 50% discount for Igor Khilov workshop on creating animation puppet; free entrance of all public events of "Tsekh animatsii". (Russian speakers ONLY)

One of the authors will be also awarded with a free licence from the animation soft producer Dragonframe and a remote controle to manage the program.

Authors of the animations specially mentioned by the Jury will be awarded by prizes from the internet bike accessories shop «Velokhorosho» as well as bike and accessories shop «Dream bikes».

Children's Award (under 12 years old)

There is no age limitation in the contest but animated cartoons of the participants under 12 will be evaluated separately.

1st place winner will get a Shulz kids bike.

«Tsekh animatsii» will provide the winners under 12 y.o. with certificates (Russian speakers ONLY):

1st place — free two-month course
2nd place — free one-month course
3rd place — 50% discount for the course

11. Winners will be chosen by the Jury. The Jury board is formed by the organizer and is published on the website (

12. Winners will be chosen according to the following principles:

  • video has original, interesting idea and realization;
  • video is animated;
  • video complies with the given theme;
  • link to the video is sent in given terms
  • video has its own unique name (see #6 of the Rules).

13. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony at the 6th international Winter Cycling Congress in Moscow (February 8-11, 2018). An exact date and time of the ceremony will be announced by the Organizer before the end of the contest. The Organizer does not cover travel and accommodation expenses of non-resident participants.

14. The prizes will be given in Moscow. Delivery to other cities and the money transfer will be agreed separately. The organizer is not responsible for safety of the prize during the delivery process.

15. The list of the winners will be published on the contest official website ( within three days after the award ceremony.

16. The organizer reserves the right to change the terms and procedure of the contest insignificantly.

17. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify participants whose works contradict the law of the Russian Federation.

18. Participants grant the organizer the right to show their animated videos without any special fee on the big screen during the award ceremony and further events, done by the organizer.

19. By filling in the registration form the participant confirms that his or her work can be published on the Organizer's Youtube channel (the author has to be mentioned).
Any questions?
Please, contact Nadja Zherebina.